K- Walking: Sophomores, How much do you love K?

By Ogden Wright

Drawing on inspiration from sketch “Jay Walking” on the popular night time television show “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “K walking” will serve as our weekly feature where we ask students from our campus community a series of questions, with the intention of eliciting their opinions and gauging the mood on campus with respect to the questions asked.

From Declaration of Major Day, which occurred this week, to the countless study abroad opportunities and everything else in between, it goes without question that sophomore year is an eventful time for students at Kalamazoo College.

Given their experiences thus far, and the ones they will continue to have as a result of attending K College, I asked a handful of sophomores what they enjoy most about coming to this institution. Below are some excerpts from those conversations.

“Probably the people I’ve met here, I really enjoy them. It’s a completely different array of people than who I would have met back home.”

“So far, I like the opportunities we have like the externships and internships, just all of the opportunities they give us to succeed, especially in the health sciences career path. There are so many resources that they give us. I really enjoy a lot of the people especially, here, it’s so close-knit that I’ve made such beautiful friendships that I’m happy about. ”

“I like that there is so many different kinds of people for how small it is.”

“I love the professors and students here. Everyone is very personable here, and it feels like a close-knit community.”

“That sense of community that people do care about you.”

“Not the code of conduct…that’s for sure.”

“The part I really appreciate the most about K is the academics. Not gonna lie, I really feel like I’m learning here.”

“I like the people at K, that’s the truth I guess.”

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