Index Throwback

By Katie Schmitz

The Men''s 1938 Championship team, 2 years after the winning streak-started.

As many already know, the Kalamazoo College men’s tennis team has won 75 consecutive MIAA conference championships.

This is the longest winning streak record held by in college, in any division, in any sport.

According the Men’s Tennis webpage: “The string of championships dates back to 1936. Kalamazoo has won the title outright every year except for three seasons (1944-46) during World War II when no competition was held, and in 1962. They tied for the title twice: in 2003 when the Hornets shared the championship with Hope College, and in 2013 when Kalamazoo, Hope, and Calvin shared the title.”

Back in 1936, when the streak started, the tennis team were very successful, “smearing” everyone else in the conference. According to the May 1936 issue of the Index:

“Kalamazoo retained its lead in M.I.A.A. tennis Wednesday when the local lads smeared Hillsdale to a shutout on the Dales court. Friday the Orange and Black meets Hope here in one of the most important matches in the season. If Kzoo is defeated, the struggle for the title will go into a three way race. Hope and Albion are tied for second now, followed by Olivet and Hillsdale in the cellar position.”

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