Index Staff Launches New ’Index Radio’ Show

On Air: Graham Key ‘17 and Ogden Wright ‘16 (above) are the creators and weekly hosts of Kalamazoo College’s only news broadcast: Index Radio.

By Mallika Mitra

On Air: Graham Key ‘17 and Ogden Wright ‘16 (above) are the creators and weekly hosts of Kalamazoo College’s only news broadcast: Index Radio.


“Hello and welcome to the inaugural Index Radio Show!” Graham Key ’17 said into the microphone on Monday at 6:00 PM. With his University of Michigan hat turned backwards and his co-host Ogden Wright ’16 by his side, Key kicked off what will be a weekly radio show including on-campus and off-campus news.

Deputy Secretary of Finance of Student Commission Amanda Johnson ’17 was the radio show’s first guest. She discussed Student Commission’s low budget, and mentioned that there are many Student Organizations “who would like to obtain those funds.”

“We are elected students and those who elected us know that StuComm is elected for the funds,” Johnson said at the end of her interview.

The second guest, Sports Editor of the Index Daniel Herrick ’14, talked about how the women’s lacrosse team had had their first game cancelled.

“It is a very talented team,” Herrick said. “I think going forward, it could definitely be a good sport for us.”

Key then asked Herrick about the “ever popular Mark Ghafari.” “The legend,” Wright chimed in.

“Everyone will attest to his work ethic…he came in first quarter freshman year working hard,” Herrick said.

The interview then continued to cover the men’s basketball team and the men’s tennis team.

Key and Wright then shifted the conversation to off-campus news happenings, including the Russian government, the European Union, and racial profiling by Kalamazoo police.

During a five-minute break during the show, the hosts played songs about Monday, “as bloody and depressing as it is,” said Wright.

For the second half of the show, Allison Tinsey ’14 and Dylan Polcyn ’16 were interviewed together. The two talked about being involved in student organizations on campus, how to balance their involvement with schoolwork, and StuOrgs’ leadership transitions, among other things.

“To me, student involvement means I have the opportunity to do something at my school that is student driven and not just ran by the administration,” Tinsey said.

“You have this unexplainable want to change things,” Polcyn said about joining getting involved on campus. “I feel like I have something to offer, though I’m not exactly sure what that is.”

Tune in Monday at 6pm to WJMD if you want to hear, as Key said, “hard news and bad puns.”

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