Crystal Ball’s Waning Impact

The once highly anticipated event is now viewed as unconstructive

By Trisha Dunham and Neeha Mian

Debate: First-year students Danielle Gin, Christine Cho, Malavika Rao, Celeste Nosow, and Taylor Miles dress up for K''s annual Crystal Ball event.

On Saturday, May 10, Kaleidoscope and the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) hosted Crystal Ball in Anderson Athletic Center. The event showcased the campus’ wide support for the LGBTQA community by encouraging students to experiment with gender performance and roles in a safe environment.

K-Scope member Rachel Ellis ’16 said that the goal of the event was “firstly to raise awareness of different cultures that are apart of the LGBT community and allow students to creatively and in a safe place play with their gender and have fun!”

Although this event only lasts for one evening, the organizers of the event, as well as many participants, stress the importance of continuing dialogue regarding the LGBTQA community and gender performance.

Before the event took place on Saturday, there was a discussion on Thursday night, in which a speaker was brought in to discuss transphobia, as well as other issues the event might garner.

The organizers stressed that the importance of respecting the goal of the event was through an enforced dress code.  “We [want to enforce] a dress code because so often many [people] may accidentally offend people that are transgender, which is why we expect no lingerie,” explained Ellis.

During the actual event, multiple students gave feedback of their expectations of the event. Dallas Pallone ‘17 stated, “Basically I just really hope that people are respectful of drag and take the event seriously.”

When asked what she hoped she would gain through this event Olivia Finkelstein ‘17 responded, “things to be gained for the campus is what happens throughout the week with the education and community reflection, and becoming informed about drag, but the event itself is not that constructive.”

Overall, there was a general response from students and the organizers for there to be more discussions and reflections of the present issues that extend beyond Crystal Ball and should be considered consistently throughout the year.

In efforts of continuing the discussion there will be a Talkback on Wednesday, May 13 with the time and place to be determined. This Talkback will include dialogue about certain aspects of the event, as well as listening to students reflect about the event as a whole.


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