COPY: Orgo I to be offered in the Spring

Orgo I to be offered in the Spring

Next quarter, Organic Chemistry I (Orgo), a class previously only offered in the fall, will be offered to all students who have completed Chemistry 110 &120 with at least a C-.

Orgo I is usually taken by Chemistry and Biology majors, and Pre-Med students during their sophomore year, after completing the prerequisites necessary during their first year.

Dr. Jeffrey Bartz, Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, said that the conversation around adding another Orgo I class started because of the large size of the first-year class.

The department was debating how the 144 students who need to take Orgo I can be accommodated with the current laboratory infrastructure. Dr. Greg Slough, Professor of Organic Chemistry, had the idea of offering two starting points for Orgo.

“It provides flexibility for students to plan their schedules,” said Dr. Bartz, “Second, students can start organic in their first year, similar to what students experience at schools like the U of M. Third, it allows students to avoid taking physics and organic at the same time in winter quarter.”

Sophomore Delfino Gaspar, a Chemistry major who is currently taking Orgo II, was not offered to start taking Orgo during his first year. However, this is not something he is particularly upset about.

“I don’t think I would have liked taking it last fall,” said Gaspar, “I would have forgotten most of the information during the three month summer break. Having them in the fall and winter, there was a smaller period between Orgo I and II.”

Offering Orgo I next quarter will also alter the schedule next year.

“We have only scheduled 72 seats for our Fall 2014 Orgo I class because there will also be an Orgo II class that will run at the same time,” Dr. Bartz said. “We do not have enough time, space, and instrumentation to do much else, unless we compromise on your education.”

Although the decision to offer Orgo I in the spring was originally due to the large class size of the 2017 class, it has been decided that Orgo I will be offered again in the Spring of 2015.

With this change, Dr. Bartz hopes that “we can continue to provide an instrument-rich instructional laboratory experience, which gives Kalamazoo College students an advantage.”

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