Call to Cultivate Community

By Rachel Evans

Our senior capstone “Cultivating Kommunity” is a class completely designed and run by students as a part of the Shared Passage Senior Capstones. Our goal for this class is to explore ways of cultivating community among the senior class and campus at large during our last quarter. One of our main objectives is to find ways for the Class of 2014 to leave an impression on this campus in a useful way. One project we are doing is to paint a mural in the cavern to continue the cavern’s mission of making an inviting space for all students. We, as the members of the class of 2014, hope that this mural will beautify the space and remind students to live graciously.

In the vein of cultivating community, we would like to invite all members of the Class of 2014 to join us and help to create this mural. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to come! We also hope this mural will inspire future years to continue senior-run capstones and give back to the campus in their own way. Open painting days will be published via email and facebook. Feel free to email Rachel Evans (k10re01), Morgan Mahdavi (k10mm04), or Jenny Tarnoff (k10jt01) if you are interested or if you have any questions!

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