BUZZKILL: Health in Good Hands

By Mallika Mitra

Although Kalamazoo College is saying goodbye to the “My Nurse” program, which allowed students to speak to a nurse when the health center was not open, a new resource is now available to students: “My K-Pre-Med-Student-In-Training.” This program allows you to put your lives in the hands of students, just like you.

Several students on the pre-med track have agreed to be on-call 24/7. If you see a student walking down the stairs in Dow prescribing medicine for a sick student, you’ll know what it’s for.

“I had a student yesterday call me because she had a bad stomach ache,” said Chemistry Major Matthew Kuntzman ’16.

“I did the logical thing and told her to grab an ice pack.”

The student called back several hours later to say his stomach was still hurting and Kuntzman told to her to place another ice pack on top of the first.

“It feels good to know that I am helping out the K community,” Kuntzman said.

While the “My K-Pre-Med-Student-In-Training” is just beginning, Dow students have already been flooded with requests for medical help.

“A few days ago, I diagnosed a student with an ear infection,” Will Gribbin ’16 said.

“Although the student was feeling pain in his leg, I have heard that ear infections often hide in other parts of the body.”

The pre-med students occasionally look up information in their textbooks or online, but most of the time they use their prior knowledge.

“We trust these students completely,” said Beatrice Boe of the Health Center who heads the program. “When I am not in the office to help sick students, I know that our pre-med students are always happy to answer the phone, diagnose students, and provide medicine.”

“I sometimes make dorm calls,” Gribbin said.

“That way I can bring the sick student the medicine they need right away.”

The program is now having pre-med students give free flu shots.

Besides one mishap in which a girl was receiving a flu shot and the .05 mL of liquid came shooting out the other end, and another in which a student was given the wrong vaccination, the distribution of shots is going well, Boe said.

Students can go to Hicks Thursday or Friday of 10th week between noon and 4:00 P.M. to receive a flu shot.

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