Bringing the Students’ Resources Together at Last

By Sarah Wallace

The first floor of Upjohn Library is a hub for students meeting for projects, tutoring, and study sessions with others. Starting spring quarter, even more will be happening on this floor: the Supplemental Instruction for Biology and Chemistry will be coordinated there.

Hilary Wagner, Director of the Biology and Chemistry Center, will have her office moved from Dow to the first floor of the library. This means these Supplemental Instruction sessions will take place in the library. Though the room can be utilized as a space for SI sessions, it can be used for any other types of student collaboration as well.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Supplemental Instruction Program, it is a peer-to-peer review session centered on helping students in the introductory science level classes. It involves an upper-class student majoring in either Chemistry or Biology coordinating a study session.

The plans for the renovations are going to take place beside the reference librarians’ offices on the first floor of the library. Currently, this space acts as a quieter and more secluded study space for students in contrast to the central part of the main floor. Both the existing and current diagrams of this can be seen in the graphic.

As shown, this space will be remodeled into an enclosed room, much like the Writing Center’s current space. Within this room will be four moveable tables, whiteboards, as well as two offices, one of which will be Wagner’s. The use of the room beside Wagner’s has not yet been decided.

When students arrive back from this upcoming spring break, the main part of the construction process will have been completed. The walls will be up, though the windows and painting will not yet be complete.

The Supplemental Instruction sessions will be a valuable addition to the current student resource help already located here like the Writing Center, the research consultants, and the reference librarians. It will also create another space better suited for collaboration in the library, and making it easier to carry out activities that happen here anyway.


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