Model UN Travels to Chicago

By Trisha Dunham

MUN participants at the Palmer House where the event was held

After K’s Model United Nations received their initial denial from Student Commission regarding their budget proposal for their University of Chicago conference, they went back the following week and were granted a lesser amount. They initially requested $6,000, but the following week received $5,000 after their second request. Before their departure, they were granted an additional $500 for their travel expenses, explained club president Rami Sherman ’14.

Throughout the entire year they have received $11,000 from StuComm and about $2,500 from other sources, such as the Student Activities Committee and the Provost. In order to receive funds from the Provost, they had to host a Zoo After Dark, which they made into a capture the flag event. However, since they have already requested and received about 10 percent of the entire Student Commission budget, they will not be able to partake in any more conferences this year.

Sherman is pleased with the clubs ability to participate in the Montreal Conference and the second University of Chicago conference.

“(The club is) not yet at the level we want it to be, but we can’t change it all in one year,” Sherman said.

One of the club’s main goals for the upcoming year is to host their own conference here at K. Model UN member Reynaldo Hernandez ’16 explained that by hosting a conference here on campus, the club would be able to involve more of the K community in their events. They want to host a college conference, but a high school conference would be, “good to have as a stepping stone,” Hernandez said.

By hosting their own conference, the club would be able to raise money to attend more conferences.

“Most schools that have a legitimate club host a conference,” Sherman said, and added that a majority of legitimate clubs is able to attend about seven to eight conferences a year.

Although Sherman said he understands that attending that amount of conferences is not fiscally possible for the club currently, he hopes that with time Model UN will, “not simply be a StuOrg, but a part of the school,” similar to the consideration the varsity sports teams receive.

Hernandez agreed and explained that Model United Nations is a great example of experiential learning which, “K focuses on.”


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