The Most Trivial Trivia Night Ever

By Viola Brown 

I’d like to begin with the fact that I really did try to participate in Trivia Night. Trivia Night is a new event that has recently started taking place in the Richardson Room, lovingly referred to as Stacks, in Hicks, every Thursday night at 8pm. The weekly trivia is on different aspects of Kalamazoo College and this week’s topic was on Dining Services.

I was in Stacks for about five minutes until I realized that it was just me and about five other people there as a team. I would have stayed longer if it seemed like it was going to be fun; I would have stayed if I knew I wouldn’t be totally annihilated by the other 5 person team.

I had been looking forward to Trivia Night. I had a friend who was going to come with me, but was unable to make it because she had homework. I don’t blame her. I remember telling people throughout the week about it and everyone had similar responses: why would they have it on a Thursday night? Why was it only trivia about Kalamazoo College?

What else ruined the vibe was the fact that people in Stacks were being cynical and laughing at the whole idea. I know that some people might find this geeky, but it is unnecessary to make fun of it when others are trying to have a good time. I know that a lot of these activities like Zooflicks and Zoo After Dark aren’t necessarily the “coolest” thing to do, but if people don’t want to drink and party over the weekends, this is one of the best alternatives.

I’m sure Trivia Night was fun for the people who were there, but it would be much more fun if there were more people making it friendly competition. Imagine if it were trivia not on Kalamazoo College, but on subjects that perhaps might interest students more.

The people who went probably did enjoy themselves and saw the night as a distraction from classes. Still, Thursday nights are when the homework load is at its fullest and is not the most convenient time for people to attend extracurricular events.

Not many people knew about the event, either. Speaking to other students, most of them were not aware there was a new event called Team Trivia Night. The Office of Student Development could definitely promote this event more.

While it may sound that I’m against having a Team Trivia Night, I’m not. If more people attend, I can see the event being very successful. I encourage everyone to go (and stay there for longer than five minutes), bring friends (maybe they won’t bail on you like mine) and have fun.

Team Trivia Nights are every Thursdays starting at 8pm in the Richardson Room in Hicks