Reflections on Racism

By Mireya Guzmán-Ortíz

At the weekly Student Commission meeting, an issue of great importance was brought up. In the last issue of The Index, there were two articles published that many of the students at Kalamazoo College found racist. Hearing the discomfort of the students, StuComm opened up their meeting to talk about issues with the publication and issues of racism campus-wide.

It is apparent that the Index has caused great harm on campus and many want the Index to be held accountable of their actions. At the meeting, members of M.E.Ch.A, BSO, EnvOrg, and other organizations were present. However, the heads of the Index were not. This raised concerns, as this was to be the beginning of an open conversation that will hopefully bring more antiracist ideals to campus.

While points like ‘keeping media such as journalism a safe place for free speech’ were made by students at the meeting, the great majority agreed that the Index was out of line in their reporting and did not actually follow journalistic protocol.

When the major student-run-media source on campus expresses ideals that harm many students on campus and publish under the guise of “Staff Editorial” when the whole staff did not agree with the content of said article, the reputation of the publication is harmed.

Because the strategically written articles and layouts on last week’s issue of the Index seemed to have a racist agenda going on, the Index has been asked to take some steps to move forward. With this issue of the Index, a column committed to talking about racism, ethnic studies, and social justice will begin. This is a step the Index has been asked to take and which the Index has agreed to.

“If anything good comes out of this,” said an attendee of the meeting, “is that we now have tangible, written proof of racism at K.”