International Students: “How we heard about K”

By Olivia Nalugya  and Justina Kilumelume 

There are several questions that international students encounter over and over again. One of these questions is “How did you hear about Kalamazoo College?”

Some students find the question surprising because K has many different resources that attract international students.

“It’s interesting that they are very surprised that I would pick K over the numerous other colleges (and) universities in the U.S,” said Daniella Glymin ’17 from Ghana.

“It’s understandable that people would find it interesting that someone like her from as far as Zimbabwe would end up at a in a small college like K,” said Dorothy Mugubu ’14 . “When I was applying, I was looking for a college in a small city.”

Other students, like Dorraine Duncan ’14 from Jamaica, didn’t even take the size or location into account.

“My main concern was financial aid and the courses that were offered.  The study abroad program is another aspect that attracted me to K,” Duncan said.

Some international students like Sonam Shrestha ’17, from Nepal, learned about K through college search process including online resources, college rankings, and suggestions from their high school guidance counselors.

“I came across K while looking at the Forbes and US News college rankings. The college’s name was interesting and I looked it up. After researching it, I felt like it was a good fit for me,” Shrestha said. “I still wonder how I got from Kathmandu to Kalamazoo, but it has been a fun ride.”

Others learned about it from representatives of the K admissions office, who travel to almost 22 different countries every fall for recruitment purposes.

Rod Malcolm, the Senior Associate Director of Admissions, said that most of the international students who end up coming to K are those he meets and gets a chance to speak with during these recruitment visits. Duncan first heard about K at a college prep school in Jamaica where Rod Malcolm was giving a presentation about K.

Some students such as Tutu Huang ’16, from Thailand, also have interesting stories concerning how they learned about Kalamazoo College.

“I heard of Kalamazoo College when my high school English teacher, who graduated from Walla Walla University, introduced herself to the class on the first day. We thought her school name was weird so we decided to look up “places with weird name in US” on Google,” Huang explained. “Then the city Kalamazoo was there. Later my counselor handed me a book called 40 Colleges that Change Lives and Kalamazoo College was in it. Thus, I thought it was meant to be, so I applied,” she added.

Despite being small in size, the number of international students at K has been increasing over the past few years. This is not very surprising because K is one of the top ranked liberal arts colleges in the US with many resources and programs that are good enough to attract international students from different parts of the world.