Index Throwback

By Katie Schmitz

Last week, study abroad applications were due for sophomores and many students are anxious to start their adventures in new and foreign lands. Others have chosen not to go abroad, but are still up for some new adventures and experiences. One Kalamazoo College student in March 1993 suggested one way for students to experience new cultures right here in the town of Kalamazoo:

“As we venture out into the ‘real’ world and explore new countries, cities and career possibilities, we have come to the biggest off-campus experience yet, going to a party at Western…

So that you won’t be in to too much shock when you first announce to someone that you go to ‘K,’ here is a typical conversation of the first meeting between a student from Western and a student from ‘K’:

‘I’ve never seen you before, what sorority/fraternity are you in?’
’’I’m not in a sorority/fraternity.’
‘Do you go to school here at Western?’
‘No, I go to ’K’.’

‘Oh, you go to KVCC, is that a four year university?’

‘No, I go to Kalamazoo College.’
‘Oh, you must be really smart.’ Next question: ‘Isn’t it pretty expensive?’

So, as you can see, merely by stating that you attend ‘K,’ you have already been characterized as being extremely smart and probably pretty rich. After as many as ten people have asked you the same questions, and receiving the same reaction, you find yourself believing, ‘Hey, maybe I am some sort of genius and yeah, maybe I am really rich.’
By the end of the night, you start to find out many new things about yourself that you never knew. Before the party you didn’t have any means of transportation, suddenly you find yourself telling people you have a Porsche convertible. Also, your one house has turned into a summer home and a cabin up north.

By the end of the evening, you are feeling pretty good about yourself. You feel a hell of a lot smarter and wealthier than when you left ‘K’ that evening.

So, the next time you experience a Western party, live a little. Dare to be what people think you are: rich and extremely intelligent.”