Student Commission Brief

By Graham Key

This week’s meeting began with the swearing in of the twelve freshly elected Student Commission representatives and a review of the retreat that all of the commissioners attended this past weekend at Pretty Lake Camp.

Dr. Reid Goméz was invited by President Camilleri to give a short presentation about her new role on campus. Dr. Goméz, Professor for Ethnic Studies, greeted the Commission in her native language (Navajo). She spoke to the Commission about maintaining individuality, while recognizing that within this campus community we are all relatives and share the same space as a family. She reinforced the idea that it is not the roll of StuComm to represent every voice on campus, but to “listen to as many voices as [they] can.”

Student Commission will be participating in a day of service on Monday to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There will be services and events throughout the weekend in celebration of Dr. King’s legacy.

Monte Carlo will be held in Hicks Student Center for the first time in two years on February 22, 2014 at 8:30 PM. StuComm members will be volunteering at the event and there will be a limit on the number of students allowed in the building at a time.

Junior Commissioner Sklar reported that there is a lack of space for student organizations to use Anderson Athletic Center and a need for extended fitness center hours. Sklar also commented that the quality and availability of fitness equipment further deters students’ use of the facilities.

Secretary of Information Services Lucas Kushner reported that there is a new way for students to communicate grievances about technical issues. Emailing will put the student in contact with one of the Help Desk student workers. Students should detail the time, place, and specific grievance in their emails in order for the techs to better serve them.