Statement Regarding Staff Editorial

Kalamazoo College Community,

As the only reporter present at the time of the student protest, I take full responsibilty for the editorial as it does not reflect the entire staff’s opinion. As stated in the editorial, “The autonomy of the Index has always been sustained by the independent efforts of its staff to hold both itself and those at Kalamazoo College accountable. This is constantly mirrored in student efforts to bring injustices that go unseen and unheard to the light within a community that values education, awareness, and respect. As a publication by and for the students, we stand for all faculty and students here, not just one.” I sincerely hope that we may continue this conversation toward the betterment of our community as a whole and translate those energies to fighting these systemic issues systematically.

Letters to the editor can be sent to The submissions policy is located on page four of this week’s issue.

-Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief