State of the Campus

By Darrin Camilleri

Fellow students,

Although we were off to a late start, welcome back to campus. Now begins the six-month marathon that will lead us to Commencement, so I hope that your time away was relaxing and rejuvenating. It may seem intimidating, but I know that we will make it through these next two quarters with both drive and determination.

Last fall, I promised to you a fundamental shift in the way Student Commission business is done. So far, I believe we have succeeded by building a strong organization of advocates that is built to last. During my time at Kalamazoo College, never before have I seen such a unified and passionate group of Commissioners dedicated to making K the best place it can be.

Those same Commissioners have worked tirelessly on many issues, but I want to highlight a few of our accomplishments so far this year.

In order to be the best advocates for K students, we wrote and unanimously passed a resolution that urged Congressman Fred Upton to push for a vote on the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform package. Since our nation’s immigration laws affect many of our students and their families, we sent a message to Congress that leaders on campus want this bill to have a vote.

In response to the findings of the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Report last spring, I ordered the creation of the Multiculturalism and Diversity Committee, currently chaired by Commissioner Rian Brown  ’16. The committee has been developing a mission and charge, and we expect to codify its existence in our governing documents later this year.

Finally, in order to address a need for student-driven campus changes, we created the Student Innovation Fund, a $5,000 grant open to all students who have an idea and plan for an improvement project at K. Applications will be due 4th Week and any questions can be directed to Secretary of Finance, Kelly Ohlrich  ’16.

This quarter we will continue our pursuit toward representing you to the best of our ability. Please stop by one of our meetings or reach out to any Commissioner in order to find out more.

In leadership,
Darrin Camilleri