StuComm Briefs

By Graham Key, Staff Writer    

Camilleri Reports Back from City Commission Meeting

President Darrin Camilleri’s met with the Kalamazoo City Commission on Monday.  According to Camilleri, the City Commission noted its appreciation of Kalamazoo College’s outreach programs as well as the diversity of K’s student body.

Camilleri also reported that StuComm received three affirmative commitments from city commissioners for the establishment of a Kalamazoo youth council.

“The goal of the youth council is to get students to work more closely with the city and put together policy with students in mind,” Camilleri said.


Executive Board will Meets with President Wilson-Olelaran Tuesday

Secretary of Communications Kari Paine suggested a follow-up at the meeting with Wilson-Oyelaran regarding progress made between the administration and proponents of K’s divest movement.


Major Budget Approvals for ERACE/CE and Swing Club

StuComm approved a $9,900 budget request for the Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equality (ERAC/CE) workshop.  According to event representatives Dorraine Duncan and Emma Dolce, the event, scheduled for Jan. 17- 19, combines the efforts of nine different student organizations, including M.E.Ch.A, KPC, KDesi, EnvOrg, Caribbean Society, APISA, The Limelights, BSO, and LSO.

Some commissioners expressed interest in expanding the message of the ERAC/CE workshop from the 60 workshop spots to the general student body, asking Duncan and Dolce how they planned to bring its essence back to campus.

“The important part of the race training is that it gives students the power to recognize and address structural oppression in a constructive way,” Dolce said.

At the meeting StuComm also approved a $1,890 request from the Swing Club for a dancing workshop in Ann Arbor.

The request, represented by senior commissioner Lucas Kushner, was brought to a vote following Kushner’s presentation of the request and logistical questioning from commissioners.  Before voting could commence, junior commissioner Mele Makalo called into question the motivations of her fellow commissioners.

“No one asked how people would bring this swing club back to campus, but they asked that immediately for ERAC/CE,” Makalo said. “I don’t think cost is really the problem…these are the problems that came up in the recall.”

Sophomore commissioner Rian Brown echoed Makalo’s sentiments.

“This is a pattern that I’ve seen several times.  As a commissioner of color, sometimes you have to pick your battles, but next quarter I’m going to be more vocal,” Brown said.

Camilleri acknowledged the commissioners’ concerns.

“This is one of those times when institutional racism plays out on the Student Commission,” Camilleri said.

At the close of Monday’s meeting, the commission unanimously ratified the “Resolution in Support of Immigration Reform”, which expressly states StuComm’s solidarity with student activists and calls upon Michigan Representative Fred Upton to support immigration reform legislation in Congress.

Other budgets approved: $608.75 was approved for Cirque du K supplies and $102 was approved for Pre-Law travel.