K-Walking: StuWho? What do you know about Student Commission?

By Ogden Wright, Business Manager

At its final meeting, the Commission outlined its extensive list of accomplishments but most of the we asked could barely list any work done by the Commission, or even the role of StuComm on campus.

Here are some of the excerpts from some of those conversations:

“They do financial stuff for clubs…”

“I do not really know what StuComm does, but I assume they do what’s best for the student body.”

“I think StuComm makes decisions on where school funding goes, but that’s a guess.”

“I have no idea what they do, I feel like they get together to talk about campus, and life.”

“They have really long meetings …”

“They give us funding for our t-shirts, but sometimes they’re really mean about it, I’m not sure what the drama is about.”

“StuComm helps organize student activities.”

“Government things…”