StuComm Brief: The Executive Board Pushes for Legacy, Reports Back on Meeting with the President Wilson-Oyelaran

By Graham Key, Staff Writer

Student Commission President Darrin Camilleri opened this Monday’s Student Commission meeting with a recap of his meeting with Kalamazoo College president Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran.

The presidential meeting focused on the K divestment campaign, but also touched on other student topics from international student tuition fluctuation and placing a student member on the College’s Board of Trustees.

With regards to divestment, Camilleri sees the campaign’s future as uncertain.

“It’s not going to be an easy, fast, clean process,” he said.

As for the fluctuation in International Student tuition, Camilleri reported that Wilson-Oyelaran doesn’t see a workable solution.

“It’s unfortunate, because I know a lot of students who are put in that situation and it’s difficult,” Camilleri said.

When it came to StuComm’s proposal to place a K student on the College’s Board of Trustees, Camilleri reported that Trustee and K alumna Gayle Brandon was critical.  According to Camilleri, Brandon cited the time commitment as a fundamental issue with the plan.

Student commissioners spoke at length about what they wanted to see in the organization’s future—specifically the year 2020.

“Student Commission needs to be more action based.  I just want every commissioner to leave every meeting thinking ‘huh, I did something today,’ because I don’t always feel like that now,” explained junior commissioner Mele Makalo. She expressed that the Commission needs to take inventory of its current achieved goals, rather than setting more for future StuComm generations.

The Student Commission also reflected on the status of the StuComm Fellows pilot program.  Commissioners and fellows alike found difficulties understanding the roles of Fellows.

“If fellows don’t get to speak until the public comment, what’s the difference between being a fellow and being a member of the public?” asked junior commissioner Emily Sklar.

Senior fellow Rasheed Hammouda explained his approach to the fellowship.

“I don’t see it as a demo program for StuComm.  I approached the Commission because I had ideas and projects I wanted to do,” Hammouda said.

When reporting on the progress of the President’s Advisory Council, senior commissioner Jose Avalos and first-year commissioner Amanda Johnson expressed concern with the wording of the new minors on Campus Policy.

According to Johnson, the Policy states that Kalamazoo College is not an appropriate place for children.  Johnson and Avalos see the wording of the new policy as being potentially detrimental to on-campus service learning, family visits, and the hosting of prospective students.

Other Business:

  • The Bookstore Advisory Group announced an upcoming t-shirt design contest scheduled for Winter Quarter.
  • $174 was approved for A Capella concert security.
  • $23.93 was allocated for a Premium Orange pitch pipe.
  • $300 was given to ENACTUS for card materials.
  • Students are encouraged to send detailed reports of Wi-Fi connectivity failure to Information Services for more direct solutions.
  • Correction from last week: $1000 was spent to bring in the College Republican’s speaker, Ben Shapiro, not $8000. $709.50 was spent on the Commission’s new sweaters.