How Are Sophomores Feeling About the Study Abroad Application Process?

By Mallika Mitra, Features Editor

Study abroad applications have recently come out for the 2013-2014 school year. Here is how sophomores are reacting: 

“It’s a little bit overwhelming when you first look at it…especially if you’re applying to a second-tier position”- Madeline Hume ’16.

“I am at the point in the application process where I have two recommendations”- Colleen Grasher ’16

“Has anybody actually started the application yet?”- Samir Deshpande ’16.

“I don’t plan on working on the application until Winter Break. Right now I have my eye on Be’er Sheba, Israel.”-Josefina Cibelli ‘16.

“I have just started the process. I’m looking forward to it!”-Jessica Paul ’16.