Why You Should Go to a Hornet Game: Senior Experiences True School Spirit

By Charlotte Steele, Staff Writer

Everyone should go to a Kalamazoo College sporting event. It took me four years to give it a try, and four years too long. On the Friday night of Homecoming, my senior-self, former golf player, and acquaintance with many athletes on campus, stopped by my first ever volleyball game.

“We’ll go for 10 minutes,” I told my friend, Emma. Anderson was on our way home, and I wanted to support two first years in the seminar I TA for. I had no idea what was to come.

It was the breast cancer awareness game, and the stands were littered with pink. I was immediately mesmerized by the game, and the energy and intensity of every.single.point. In volleyball, this means sets to 25 and best of 5 sets wins the game. That is a total of 115 (fifth set is to 15) points that these girls are cheering, high fiving, pumping each other up, and giving in their all.

These girls were diving and sliding across the floor for every point: backwards somersaults seem like an entry level skill. Their strength, training, team dynamics, and just all around skills are beyond impressive. To think that these girls train to have such communication, synchronization and aerodynamics (jumping up to slam the ball across the net) on top of being a full time student is mind-blowing.

So much of the strategies and rules are still a mystery to me, but it was so much fun to see girls I knew from class, in the halls between classes, as CIP Peer Advisors, girls I see in the Caf, doing Service-Learning, attending other campus events, and competing in the Triathlon, doing what they love most and dedicate so much of their time to.

AND, it felt so good to be a HORNET! I never realized how thrilling it is to be spirited and outspoken in our Hornet identity by going to games. I was so invested in the outcome of the game, a feeling I hadn’t felt in so long.

Sitting in the stands I had no idea what to say… “Go Zoo?” “Yeah Hornets?” “Buzzzzz?” “Sting ‘em!” “Swarm ‘em?” “Give ‘em anaphylaxis?” But I soon acquired my repertoire of go-to cheers listening to fellow fans around me. My favorite is the football team’s chorus of “Nets, nets, nets, nets, nets!”

I went again the next morning, and a third time on Wednesday night. On Saturday morning I was with my friends Wyatt and Luisa, who said many times, “This really isn’t good for my health!” referring to the intensity and suspense of our close victory 3-2, tied until the final two points! It’s thrilling. You should experience it. If you’ve ever wanted people to come to an event you care about, get your Karma rolling by going to one of theirs. It will be worth it. #hornetfan