StuComm Brief: Food for Thought Seen as Success, Collaborative Group Efforts Move Forward

By Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief

“StuComm actually does stuff?!” cited Senior Commissioner Lucas Kushner, explaining that last week’s Food for Though, event was successful at getting the student population involved and excited to hear about what Student Commission is doing for the students. The event was held last Wednesday in the upper atrium and Richardson Room of the Hicks Center. The location was accredited to the success of the event. The Commission hopes to do another event like this in the future.

The Commission discussed creating a Sustainability Committee in the hopes that all campus sustainability efforts could be consolidated. The Commission asked whether it would be their place to assert themselves as a significant player in the sustainability movements on campus. President Camilleri pondered whether it would be appropriate for StuComm to co-op a program that they have never been a part of.

In other news:

  • StuComm is planning to hold winter quarter elections during first week. More details for potential candidates will be announced later in the quarter.
  • The Hornet Swarm student section would like to gain more enthusiasm and perpetuate school spirit. Kari Paine, Secretary of Communications, taught the Kalamazoo College fight song to the Commission, the entirety of which could be found online.
  • The Kalamazoo Poetry Collective requested $1500 for two poets to come to a Zoo After Dark Event later this quarter. The amount was approved leaving $14,978.48 in the budget for the quarter.
  • The Multiculturalism and Diversity Sub-committee discussed the feasibility of collaborative efforts among subcommittees on the Commission and other interested student organizations. They also want to be trained in how to facilitate meetings.
  • The Food and Dining Committee renamed itself the Student Dining Committee and would like to begin working with more members of the campus community to create a larger dialogue about food at K with the new dining service. If you’re interested in joining this group email Charlotte Steele.