Behind the Scenes of Senior House Names

By Mallika Mitra, Features Editor

Over the years, it has become a tradition for seniors to name their houses. Here are some of the house names of this year’s seniors:

 “Getting our house portrait taken in Portage really illustrated hetero-normativity. They were like, ‘So, you are sisters…’ – obviously expecting a two-and-a-half-children family, not our quad-racial hodgepodge of 21-year-olds. After making several inquiries throughout the session about our mom and dad, and trying to figure out how this family came to be, the photographer said, ‘I wish I could have met your parents, they seem like really fun people.’ We responded, ‘Yeah, we''re pretty much the Jolie-Pitts.’- Jordan Earnest’ 14. "”]

The Football House “Our name is ‘The Football House’ because our sophomore (year) it actually was the Football house, and we knew that everyone will do a double-take when they realize that ten women live in our house, and of course, ask, ‘Wait, then why are you the Football House again?’ It''s mostly just to cause confusion and make fun of the fact that people expect us to basically be a sorority.”- Sara Adelman’ 14.

The Fishbowl “We named it the fishbowl because fish were showing up in our lives all over the place and because the windows looked kind of like an aquarium.”- Colin Lauderdale’ 14

The Doll House “The name originally come about because the facade of the house is classic like a doll house, but then it became a play on the fact that it''''s inhabited by four classically feminine, petite women, and the way society views women in general. There''''s also a nod to playwright Henrik Ibsen''''s critique of 19th century marriage norms in there somewhere.”- Katie Thiry’ 14.

The Terrible Ten “The Terrible Ten: We’ll take you to the hospital”- Stacia Marcon’ 14.

Casa Blanca “Our house is named Casa Blanca. Why? Well, because it''''s white."-Kari Paine’ 14