StuComm Brief

Feedback From Homecoming and Reports Back From the Board of Trustees Meetings

By Graham Key, Staff Writer

At this week’s Student Commission meeting, commissioners shared the progress made at various Board of Trustees meetings that took place over last weekend.

Student Commission President Darrin Camilleri and Vice President Cameron Goodall met with the Alumni Association on Saturday.

Secretary of Records and Elections Colin Lennox sat in on the investment meeting.  Lennox reported to the Commission that Kalamazoo College’s endowment has the highest rate of return of any GLCA school, or any other school with an endowment of its size.  Lennox also reported that a private investment meeting occurred amongst board members after they met with him.

For Camilleri, the lack of transparency came as a frustration.

“They don’t let us stay for the important stuff,” he said.

Secretary of Finance Kelly Ohlrich reported back to the Commission on her experience with the Buildings and Grounds Taskforce.  During their meeting, the group discussed a future natatorium project and the possible addition of a new Welcome Center.  The Taskforce also discussed environmental sustainability on campus, celebrating K’s designation as Consumer Energy’s Company of the Year in 2013.

Sophomore Commissioner Ogden Wright reported on the status of alumni donations.  According to Wright, there has been a consistent drop in donors over the past five years.  The Advancement Committee is considering creating a general gift fund into which all students and alumni have the option to donate.  The Advancement Committee discovered that many alumni prefer to donate to graduate schools instead of K.  Despite this, Wright reported that the drop in donors has not affected the relatively high amount of revenue, however.

Finally, Secretary of Educational Policies Graham Wojtas reported that the Board intends to add four tenured-track faculty members in anticipation of the increased student body.

In other news:

  • Student Commissioners began preliminary talks regarding future involvement in a Homecoming Dance and the alternative of a larger tailgate.
  • The Student Commission Finance Committee reported a budget surplus of $16,55.87.
  • Athletic Committee Chair Emily Sklar thanked her fellow commissioners for support during Homecoming Spirit Week.
  • STD testing is now $50 for everyone.
  • The Health Center will begin to phase out flavored condoms due to lack of student interest.