Index Throwback: Homecoming

By Katie Schmitz, News Editor

In 1964, the theme for the traditional contest was "far east." That year, their opponents were the Olivet Comets.


A decoration made by the Sherwood Society in 1967.

The winning float in 1966 was made by the Eurodelphian Society. The society was a female literary society and was established in 1856.

The winning float, 1947. Made by the Century Forum, a literacy society for men at K, which was established in the year 1900.

             In the past, Kalamazoo College celebrated homecoming by decorating the campus with various displays of student-made art and floats. The art was often made by student organizations, but according to an October 1967 issue of the Index, “budding artists” also participated in the tradition. During halftime at the Homecoming game, an award was given out to the best display.

It is not clear when this tradition ended. However, the archives at K have documented many highlights of the often-elaborate displays.