StuComm Brief

By Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief

During the executive reports, six first-years took their oath of office after being elected in last week’s election. Two subcommittees were created, business and residential life. The Business Subcommittee will deal exclusively with the Business Office and Vice President for Business and Finance Jim Prince. The Residential Life Subcommittee will work with RAs to gage student attitudes and sentiments as they interact with students more closely than the Commission. They will also work to formalize the relationship and mission between the Commission and residential life.

After Sophomore Commissioner Ogden Wright expressed concerns in the procedure of choosing non-commissioners to work on sub-committees, Secretary of Finance Kelly Ohlrich cited that due to a lack of continuity across campus groups, the people appointed are likely to change year to year, but the goal is to keep these members involved over the remainder of their time at K. Four non-commissioners were appointed to be involved with subcommittees including Community Council and the Student Life Advisory Committee.

Student Commission discussed buying BrandK compliant apparel for all the commissioners. Vice President Cameron Goodall questioned the efficacy and high cost of the apparel. Junior Commissioner Emily Sklar remarked that StuComm’s former apparel was noticeable on campus. More questions were raised about the transparency and elitism of the Commission.

“We are the student government of Kalamazoo College. There is a difference between what we do and what other student organizations do,” said President Camilleri. With a 13-10 vote, $1100 was allocated to spend on StuComm sweaters. However, the Commission is seeking a cheaper alternative.