Index Throwback: Trowbridge House is Now Occupied, 85 Girls Are Rooming in New Dormitory

Curated by Katie Schmitz, News Editor

Article taken from Number 1 Volume 24 of The Index published on September 24, 1925.

With the opening of College this fall, Trowbridge House, a $150,000 dormitory, and the latest addition to the campus, is ready for occupancy. A two month delay in the building program nearly caused disappointment for fac- ulty and students alike.

Dr. Hoben is very proud of this structure. He points out that Albert Kahn, architect for the building has,
not only, been able to furnish a building capable of rooming 85 girls, with dining room capacities for 150, but he has pre- served the home atmosphere through- out. From the dignified and beautifully furnished living room with the solarium adjoining, and throughout the whole structure the home atmosphere prevails. The exterior of the building in its beauti- ful setting of trees further carries out this spirit of hospitality.

Mrs. Barbara Mead is matron of this home for the girls, succeeding Mrs. Archibald Wheaton, who served in this capacity for 22 years. With the opening of Trowbridge House, the use of Ladies’ Hall for a men’s dormitory is made pos- sible, and all roomsthere will be occu- pied by men. With the men residing in William’s Hall, this means that there will be 125 men living on campus this year.