Biking Made Easier on Campus this Year

By Annah Freudenburg, Contributor

Students’ bikes chill on the racks by the Facilities Management Offices. Bike registration and rentals are available to all students this year. (Photo by Allison Tinsey)

The bikes are back. And if you plan on cruising this quarter, you better remember to swing by the Security Office. That’s right: registration. The person behind the security desk will hand you a card to fill out, including the bike’s brand, make (i.e. mountain or road), and serial number. Once you have filled this card out, return it to Security and they will give you a sticker bearing your registration number. This sticker goes on the bar beneath your seat.

Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry—Kalamazoo College has got you covered. In the basement of DeWaters is the Bike HUB, short for Helping Understand Bikes. HUB is currently home to thirteen bikes, not including four more that will be operational shortly. Most of the bikes are single-speed road-style, but there are several mountain and cruising oriented bikes available as well. There is also one tandem bike coming soon.

Nino Nocita ’14, currently HUB’s only employee, offered the low-down of HUB’s history: “Campus Security would cut bikes off the bike racks and bring them to us,” Nocita explained. “But recently, like last year, we realized that wasn’t working, because the bikes that we would get would be abandoned because of how poor quality they were in. So we got new bikes, all of the same type. We’re trying to build a more cohesive fleet.”

“It’s an awesome program,” said Utsav Adhikari ’14. “[The bikes] are very easy to use, as well, so you don’t need great experience.”

“Definitely awesome,” continued Sara McKinney ’17, “especially for freshmen who don’t have cars and need to get places.”

HUB has, in its time, grown in ambition. HUB’s goal this fall is to host events on bike maintenance for all K students. On top of this, a Kalamazoo Cycling Club is about to be started.

“I’ve gotten texts from random people being like, ‘When are HUB’s hours?’” Nicota said regarding HUB’s popularity. “I’m pretty excited for this year.”