StuComm Brief

By Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief

The Monday night Student Commission meeting began with a short presentation from Vice President for Advancement Al DeSimone. He introduced the public phase of Kalamazoo College’s fundraising campaign to the Commission. “This is the largest fundraising campaign in the College’s history,” he said. The campaign kicked off on Tuesday, September 24.

Senior Commissioner José Avalos was appointed to serve as chair of Community Council. Community Council is a group that works as an informative liaison between President Wilson-Oyelaran and the Commission regarding campus happenings.

During a recap of the Financial Policies Committee (FPC) meeting, Secretary of Finance Kelly Ohlrich reminded the Commission why StuComm does not fund food for student organization events after denying funding to the Economics and Business Club. “Food must be integral to the event,” Ohlrich said. President Camilleri gave the example of La Fiesta Desi Soul as an event where food is funded because it is integral to the event. Student organizations are reminded that they have bonding money from the Office of Student Involvement, but Assistant Dean of Students Brian Dietz said, “[OSI] is reexamining how that money is spent…how is it developing the group?”

The Commission voted on changes to the bylaws concerning monetary allocations to the new Innovation Fund and how to handle cash advances. After some discussion, the 1% cap on requests that are handled by FPC remained the same so that requests under $1,113 do not need the full Commission’s approval before they receive funding.

Finally, Secretary of Elections Colin Lennox explained that there are eighteen candidates running for the six first-year positions. Voting is on Thursday, September 26 from 9:00am – 9:00pm.