Letter from the Editor

By Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief

As you picked up this first issue of the Index and held those familiar pages between your fingers whether you were sitting down to read the paper over lunch, as a break from the routine, or to see what changes have come to the Index this year, you picked up a newspaper.

The evening before this paper went to print, Charlotte Hall, the current Chair of the Board of Trustees and a former editor herself asked me, “Why do you still use print?”

I hesitated. I honestly had never thought about why we still printed our newspaper when news media has made such a drastic shift to using the internet as a primary means of communication. Where I gather so much of my news includes my twitter feed, my daily New York Times subscription email, and word of mouth, but definitely not from printed news sources.

Why do we print? One of the primary reasons the Index is not funded by Student Commission is because of our printing costs. How about the many recycle bins that were filled over the summer with unread newspapers? Or how about those papers that are held and loved, but abandoned to the tables in dorm lounges?

We print for the experience of holding the campus in your hand. Regardless of who talks about us outside of the K Bubble, the Index is the only news source reporting on campus life in the entire world.

The Index distributes five-hundred newspapers across campus and has plans to expand distribution off campus. These six pages of newsprint will still make it into the hands of students, faculty, staff, and campus community members.

However, we cannot neglect the evident shift in mediums that journalism has taken over the course of our lives. We are a digital generation trying to protect the rainforests after all. The Index can now be found online at kzoo.edu/index and on Twitter and Facebook. You can even subscribe to receive the Index in your inbox every week.

So whether you are holding the newspaper in your hands or reading it on your smart phone, we hope you will continue to let the Index tell the story of our campus.