Index on the web gets a face lift

On behalf of the entire Index editorial staff, I would like to welcome you to our new webpage hosted on the Kalamazoo College website. Creating a web presence is becoming more and more important to journalists and the Index is no different. Since 1877, the Index has been publishing a weekly newspaper with a readership focused on the campus community. Within the past decade, the Index has been opened to the globe through the internet. Now we can reach alumni, students abroad, those in the Kalamazoo community, parents, and prospective students more effectively than ever before.

By using the main Kalamazoo College website as our web platform, we gain greater cohesion with the news output efforts of the College and make it easier for more people to access our pages as the student generated newspaper.

Our former website,, will stand as a temporary archive to the past web publications of the Index. All published Indexes are available for perusal in the archives office in Upjohn Library Commons.

We hope to soon establish a way for our readers to subscribe to the weekly paper as they could with the former site, until then, please check our site weekly, bookmark it on your browser, and expect the news every Wednesday – because some things will never change.

Yours in journalism leadership,

Allison Tinsey, Editor-in-Chief, Class of 2014