Senior Class Agents

Your Class AgentsMake a gift to the Kalamazoo College Fund

Class of 2016

Class Agents provide volunteer leadership to their class. It is a great opportunity to get better connected with your classmates during your senior year and in your years as an alumni member.

With guidance from the Kalamazoo College Fund staff, Class Agents build connectedness between Kalamazoo College and your classmates:

  • Introduce the Senior Gift Challenge to the class. The dollars raised through the Senior Gift are designed to provide funding for scholarships, professors, and other vital needs.
  • Share the news of campus and classmates, keeping your classmates connected to each other and the College as your approach Commencement and transition to alumni.
  • Encourage classmates to support K financially during your alumni years. Help ensure the continued excellence in the liberal arts education you received.
  • Give a personal, meaningful annual gift through the Kalamazoo College Fund.
  • Serve as the voice of the class to customize unique reunion experiences in the fall after your graduation and every five years during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend.

Keep the Class of 2016 vibrant in the life of Kalamazoo College

Serving as a Class Agent is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship with the College and your class. Click here to submit your Class Agent Application.

For more information: Please contact Tiffany Hudson, Assistant Director of the Kalamazoo College Fund at or 269.337.7293. Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity.