Fields Commemoration Program

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Commemorate and Celebrate your Connection with Kalamazoo College

Do not pass up this opportunity to ensure future generations will always know that they are standing on the shoulders of alumni across the globe. Share your K pride and success as alumni by lending your name to the College and writing your own page into Kalamazoo College history.

Personalized Bricks and Lockers

Beginning today, you can forever leave your mark on the campus of Kalamazoo College by purchasing a personalized brick or locker. In recognition of your gift, Kalamazoo College will engrave your message on a brick in the Athletic Field Complex adjacent to the field house, or affix your message on a locker in the field sport locker room. We encourage you to personalize your brick or locker with a name, a special date, team number, quote, your company, club or logo.

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Honor a Legend: Show Your Affinity for Your Favorite Coach

My hope and expectation is that this project will strengthen the relationship between current and future alumni and their alma mater and inspire them to give back to K College, so that others might stand on their shoulders.

– Si Johnson ’78

Rolla Anderson Hardy Fuchs Tish Loveless Ed Baker
George Acker Lyn Maurer Ray Steffen Bob Kent
Rolla Anderson, Hardy Fuchs, Tish Loveless, Ed Baker, George Acker, Lyn Maurer, Ray Steffen, and Bob Kentare iconic instructors who have influenced so many – for so long – on the field and in the classrooms of Kalamazoo College. Today, we give you the opportunity to honor those who had an influence on your life, and, in some cases, have remained your touchstones and friends to this day. Share with future generations of alumni your appreciation of the lessons shared by the legendary mentors of your generation by ensuring your name appears as one who pays tribute for their time and their caring. Details and signup form >>