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Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign | March 10–April 10, 2014

K is more than a college. It′s a force for change in the larger community and abroad.

We are in the midst of the largest fundraising effort in our history, and the full breadth of this effort is essential in the work we do here. The Campaign for Kalamazoo College along with the Kalamazoo College Fund have been carefully designed to ensure the success of K′s strategic plan and the vitality of the College.

Why Your Gift Matters

You have the opportunity to make a difference in two ways: through The Campaign for Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo College Fund.

The Campaign for Kalamazoo College

  • The success of this campaign depends on widespread support from many donors.
  • The support of faculty and staff highlights internal commitment for the campaign, showing other donors why they should give as well.
  • Your designated gift is counted as part of The Campaign for Kalamazoo College.

Contact Teresa Newmarch at 269.337.7327 with any questions about The Campaign for Kalamazoo College, or if you have an interest in exploring other areas of support or would like to make a multi-year commitment.

Kalamazoo College Fund

  • Before they issue grants, some foundations ask for our faculty and staff giving percentage. A strong giving percentage tells outside funders that we invest in ourselves.
  • Your gift sends a strong message to students. We will rely on current students to support us in the future, so it′s important for them to see that giving is a part of what we do here.
  • Your Kalamazoo College Fund gift is counted as part of The Campaign for Kalamazoo College.

Contact Laurel Palmer at 269.337.7282 with any questions about a gift through the Kalamazoo College Fund.

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