What is Infill Development?

Closely related to the principle of smart growth, infill development involves building and developing in vacant areas in city centers or urban settings. This promotes the betterment of these city centers and leaves rural areas and open spaces undeveloped. Advocates state that infill development can reduce traffic congestion, save open space, and create more livable communities.




  • Strategies for Successful Infill Development --Sponsored by The Congress for New Urbanism and Northeast Midwest Institute. This document (PDF) contains case studies, definitions, ideal methods of implementation, and specific design strategies.




  • The scoop on infill development. The article describes the challenges, struggles, and benefits of choosing infill development with reference to Seattle, Washington. by Karen Anderson-Bittenbender (Intracorp Real Estate)



  • Better Urban Infill Development Program (BUILD) in Dane County, Wisconsin assists with smart growth in the urban centers through a number of projects.



  • Infill development --a PDF report by the Greenbelt Alliance that has a Q/A and glossary about infill development.



Traverse City, Michigan and the Rivers Edge Project

Washington State-- This article focuses on the Seattle infill development programs and states that smart infill is cost efficient, promotes community revitalization, and increases housing opportunities. Also, this article discusses important obstacles that infill development programs may face.



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