The mission of Kalamazoo College is to prepare its graduates to understand better, live successfully within, and provide enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.


By 2017 Kalamazoo College will be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in innovative education that provides students with the following:
  • A learning-focused environment that integrates academic excellence, experiential education, and outstanding co-curricular experiences
  • A learning community that is residential, diverse, inclusive, student-focused, and comprehensively internationalized
  • Multiple experiences for global learning and leadership that include an in-depth education abroad experience
  • Outstanding preparation for life and leadership
The Kalamazoo College experience will help graduates become:
  • Outstanding leaders;
  • Responsible global citizens sensitized to intercultural and international diversity;
  • Innovative problem solvers prepared to address the challenges of the future;
  • Effective agents of transformational change;
  • Engaged, ethical citizens; and
  • Alumni who maintain life-long connections with the College.
This integrated student experience will be supported by:
  • Excellent faculty who are models of intellectual vitality and who integrate strong discipline-based expertise, interdisciplinary learning, innovative educational approaches, and a commitment to student learning;
  • Outstanding staff and administration who exhibit professional competence, a strong service orientation, and a commitment to the development of students; and
  • The physical and technological infrastructure and the financial resources necessary to meet the College's current and future needs.