Priority 2: Create an inclusive, student-focused environment

We are committed to promoting a vibrant, inclusive campus community. Through the renovated Hicks Center and a new fitness center and natatorium, we will enhance the sense of community on campus and promote balance among students, faculty, and staff. By improving the quality of our playing fields and strengthening the coaching staff, we will provide a competitive and rewarding experience for student athletes.

To build and sustain a diverse student body we will increase the presence of matriculating international students; expand our national footprint with about half of our students recruited from out of state; and increase endowed scholarship funds to support international students, low-income students, and students from underrepresented groups.

We will increase the student body by 150 new students in the next six years. With a total enrollment of 1,500, we will create a more vibrant campus with sufficient numbers of students to fill leadership positions, productions and ensembles; it will also increase our ability to field competitive athletic teams. New leadership development opportunities and new programs will empower and engage students.