Weaving Experiential Learning throughout a Liberal Arts Curriculum

Anne Dueweke, Assistant Provost
Institutional Support and Research

Paul Sotherland, Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Biology

This presentation, given at the AAC&U General Education and Assessment Conference 4-6 March 2004, shared results of an alumni survey on outcomes of a Kalamazoo College Education.
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K-Plan Outcomes

We recently surveyed all alumni with doctorate degrees to find out how their K College education contributed to their decision to attend graduate school and to their success there.

What we learned was that weaving experiential education, via the K-Plan, into a liberal arts curriculum
• Creates an environment that encourages students to learn experientially
• Provides experiential components that enhance traditional classroom learning
• Fosters development of students who embody critical thinking and connected knowing and who are self-directed, life-long learners

“Mix together bright, curious minds, inspiring instruction, demanding curriculum, mind-expanding experiences, and open nurturing and supportive environment, and young adults get jazzed about life’s possibilities, life’s big questions, and they develop a will and confidence to go out and answer them!”

~ K’78, PhD Chemistry