Exploration Across the Liberal Arts

The K-Plan and its general education curriculum encourage student exploration within the liberal arts through a variety of unique opportunities, both on campus and off. Students engage with new ideas, new experiences, new perspectives, and new places as they explore diverse disciplines, a variety of cultures, and possible careers. This exploration enables them to expand their intellectual horizons and to broaden their perspective on their particular field of interest. Before each registration period, students meet with their academic advisors to discuss their plans for pursuing an education that balances pursuing new interests, further developing and integrating existing interests, and studying at least one discipline in depth through a major. Students may also broaden their learning experience by studying a second discipline or an interdisciplinary field in depth through a major or minor.

Students who wish to be considered for election to Phi Beta Kappa must demonstrate a knowledge of mathematics, take a wide variety of courses outside the major, and must include courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.