Deanne Bartkowiak ’94

Deanne serves as class agent for the class of 1994. She used the occasion of her 20-year class reunion to renew her marriage vows to husband (of 10 years) Seth Watkins. Classmates played big roles in both the wedding and renewal ceremonies. Amy (Schwaderer) Henthorn officiated at the renewal ceremony. Jessica (Deretchin) Olson was Jeanne’s matron of honor at the wedding. At the renewal ceremony Jess walked Deanne down the aisle “to the song ‘At Last,’” said Deanne, “which Seth played on his phone.” The phone rendition was a 10-years-later reprise because the couple had the song played at their wedding. There were several reasons to renew at Stetson Chapel, according to Deanne. “One, beautiful location; two, convenient during a reunion to have friends present; three, during our K days Wendy [Bamberg] and I used to joke around and sing ‘Going to the Chapel’ occasionally (I even had it played at my wedding). So it just seemed right to actually ’go to the (K) chapel’ to renew our vows.” The renewal party included (l-r): Caelin Olson, Mike Olson, Cole Olson, Jessica (Deretchin) Olson, Seth Watkins, Deanne Bartkowiak, Amy (Schwaderer) Henthorn, and Wendy Bamberg.

Julia (Morillo) Fredrickson ’05

Maia Victoria Fredrickson

Julia and her husband, Kyle Fredrickson ’00, welcomed their daughter Maia Victoria Fredrickson on January 7, 2015. Julia does marketing and community management for Disney Interactive and loves being surrounded by Marvel and Star Wars characters as part of her daily job. Kyle is a commercial property manager and enjoys bike riding around the Bay Area on his time off. They have been living in California for three years, and they love it, especially the weather in winter and not having to shovel their car out of piles of snow.

Fred Taschner ’70

Fred retired from Chemical Abstracts Service after 41 years of employment. “My last position was as senior structure input analyst,” he wrote, “mostly responsible for structure input for carbohydrates (sugars) and small peptides. My team did abstracting and structuring for journals and patents reporting synthesis of chemicals containing or using sugars or amino acids/peptides. (For the chemists among you, look at Sections 33/34 of your CAS weekly publication.) In retirement, Gail (who retired from Capital University here in Columbus, Ohio, in 2010) and I will be doing some traveling (we just got back from a Caribbean cruise with Gail’s mother and middle sister) and have plans to follow Ohio State’s men’s and women’s golf teams. Gail continues to work for social justice with our local BREAD (Building Responsibility, Equality, And Dignity) organization. I plan to catch up on all the home projects that need attention–clean the basement, the garage, the computer room, and then it’s yard work season. Plus there is re-reading the public library’s science fiction collection. Part of the travel will be attending this fall’s reunion, so we hope to see lots of old friends there.”

Maureen Ann Kickham ’03

Maureen and Alexander David James were married July 31 at the University Club in Manhattan. The couple met at Georgetown University, where they earned their M.B.A.s. Maureen works in Long Island City, Queens, as a vice president and marketing specialist with Citibank. David is an associate producer and oversees the engineering team at High 5 Games in Manhattan, which produces slot machine games.

Marvin Dale Nelson Jr. ’74

Marvin died on October 20, 2015, in his hometown of Delaware, Ohio. He attended K for a year. He died of liver cancer and used part of the window of time between his diagnosis and his death to write his own obituary, portions of which are quoted below.


“….I graduated from Delaware Hayes High School in 1971, setting records on the swim team, got a scholarship and spent a year at Kalamazoo College in higher education. That wasn’t for me. I got married as people tend to do. Of that era, the less said the better. I have no children of my own, but I would have liked that. Calendar pages turned and months turned to years. I found a calling as a mechanic and I got to see how things work and how I could make them work. It was satisfying to some degree and filled a large chunk of my life. I worked with many people in many places. A lot of them I liked, others not so much. No regrets here, but to do it over I would get that college degree just for the options. Throughout my life I made friendships to last forever….Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board and I am no different. I loved to travel, a gift from my dad. Now that you are reading this, I am evidently free to hitchhike the galaxy as soon as the paperwork is completed. So until you see me swinging on a star, remember, a story has no beginning or end—-one arbitrarily chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead. Now my story begins again.”

Louis Leon Grossnickle ’58

Leon died on December 14, 2015. He earned his bachelor’s degree from K and his master’s degree from Wayne State University. He married Elaine Kontz ’54, and they were wed for 61 years and had three children. Leon was a veteran of the U.S. Army and enjoyed a long career in the Waterford (Michigan) School District as a teacher, community school director and principal.

Richard Timmer ’53

ichardTimmerRichard died on February 8, 2016. He matriculated to K from Grand Rapids (Mich.). He earned his degree in biology and played for the Hornet football team. He earned his M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). He later worked as an assistant professor of anatomy at the University of Colorado Medical School. He loved the state’s natural beauty and often returned to visit. In the late 1960s he served as associate dean of medicine at the University of Louisville and at UTMB. He also traveled the country on behalf of the National Institutes of Health, evaluating federal funding for medical schools. In the late 1970s he left administration to practice family medicine in Fredericksburg, Texas. He continued private practice in Houston and San Antonio until the early 1990s, when he retired and returned to his beloved mountain home in Colorado.

Kimberly Hartman ’03

KimHartmanWeddingKim  and her husband, Jason Douglas, welcomed their daughter, Mabel Anne Douglas (see photo below), on July 17, 2016. They are very excited to begin their child-rearing adventure. Kim and Jason were married on May 24, 2015, and they celebrated that event with many fellow K alumni, including (photo above, l-r) front row–Karen Nave ’04, Bernadette (Lum) Terranova ’03, Kim and Jason, Adrienne (Beller) Knack ’04, Alexis (Bowman) Sirrakos ’04; (middle row) Brian Heintz ’03, Joanna Tzenis ’05, Steven Blum, Brooke Larson ’05, Molly Danner ’04, Jessie Geiger ’04, Katie Tripi ’04, Eliza Goth-Owens ’03, Jill Weatherhead ’05, Elizabeth (Hauslein) Buell ’07, Kelly (Roshon) Estes ’05; (back row) Tony Pagorek ’03, Nick Carlin-Voigt ’04, Jackson Buell ’04, Jonathan Hughes ’03, Andrew Alexander ’04, Theresia Radtke ’03. The couple lives in Kansas City, where Kim works as a pediatric rehabilitation physician at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Mabel Marie Douglas

Mabel Anne Douglas

Matthew Berrien Smith ’70

Kalamazoo College recently learned that Matt died on November 18, 2008. He attended Kalamazoo College and later graduated from the University of Michigan, where he majored in English. He taught at the middle school and high school levels in Ann Arbor and then focused his career on corporate training and video production at Magnetic Video in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Later he designed and administered seminars that focused on creative problem solving. His clients for these seminars were Fortune 500 companies in the Detroit area and nationally. In the 1990s he returned to the classroom, teaching at Kennedy Middle School and Lake Shore High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. He was an award-winning teacher who retired in 2005. His avocations included poetry, story telling and making collages.