January 2010


Debating Climate Change: Pathways through Argument to Agreement

by Elizabeth (Lindemann) Malone '69, Ph.D. As greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated and contentious voices fill the air, how can people with widely varying viewpoints agree to address climate change? In her new book, Debating Climate Change (Earthscan, Oct. 2009), Elizabeth Malone sorts through the tangle of arguments surrounding climate change to find paths to unexpected sites of agreement. Using an innovative sociological approach combining discourse and social network analyses, she analyzes 100 documents representing a range of players in this high-stakes debate. Through this she shows how even the most implacable adversaries can find common ground and how this common ground can be used to build agreement. Written in a clear, accessible style with original research and insightful use of communication analysis, Debating Climate Change could help advance understanding and negotiation on climate change throughout the pivotal times to come. Malone is a sociologist and Senior Research Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington and has been conducting research on climate change as a dimension of human change for more than a decade. She co-edited with Steve Rayner the four-volume set "Human Choice and Climate Change" (Battelle Press, 1998).
Magnificent Mavericks: Transition of the Naval Ordnance Test Station from Rocket Station to Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Center, 1948-58

by Elizabeth "Liz" (Hayne) Babcock '60 Magnificent Mavericks (Dept. of the Navy, November 2008) tells the story of the creative military and civilian team that worked at the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) in China Lake, Cal., and its Pasadena Annex from 1948 to 1958. Projects developed there include: Sidewinder, the world's first successful heat-homing guided missile; Polaris, for which NOTS provided conceptual studies as well as major technical and engineering programs; Ram, the 6.5-inch antitank aircraft rocket developed and delivered in a month to meet urgent needs in the Korean War; Mighty Mouse, the 2.75-inch folding-fin aircraft rocket introduced during the Korean War and still in use today; and many other products developed to meet the needs of the American naval fleet. Also addressed are propellant technology and other significant innovations in applied research, as well as the community of China Lake, which played an important role in employee morale and productivity. One of the heroes of the book is Dr. Louis T. E. Thompson ("K" Class of 1914), the first technical director at China Lake, and who established the Physics department at "K" in 1919. Originally from Lansing, Mich., Babcock came to China Lake in 1960 and worked on the base for 24 years beginning in 1972 as a writer and head of several departments. She began research for her book in 1987 and conducted more than 65 oral history interviews. Her book is available through the China Lake Museum Foundation or from the U.S. Government Bookstore.
The Zrinskis, Medjimurje and the Reformation

by Gene Whiting '67, M.S., M.Div. Protestant churches in Croatia date from the early 16th century. Despite centuries of persecution and intolerance, the Protestant traditions have survived, but only as a minor, yet multi-ethnic religious force in modern Croatia. In The Zrinskis (Bogoslovni Institut, Zagreb, July 2009), Gene Whiting surveys the historical and socio-cultural contexts of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Croatia and its neighboring countries, and the influence of the powerful, aristocratic Zrinski family on the establishment, preservation, and growth of Protestantism in the Medjimurje region of northern Croatia. The Zrinski family's seat of power was the city of Cakovec, where Gene and his wife, Judy, currently live. Across 304 pages of text (in Croatian), 1,100 footnotes, and 41 pages of bibliography (sources in five languages), Whiting has, in the words of a former mayor of Cakovec "shed light on a significant and suppressed episode of our history." Whiting teaches at the Theological Biblical Academy in Krapina, Croatia. He would enjoy hearing from "K" classmates and others at gs.ja.whi@gmail.com.

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