Key K Asian Studies Architect Reflects on a Three-Decade Project

Photo of Professor Madeline Chu.

Retiring Chinese professor Madeline Chu describes three distinct decades of achievement–bringing China to K; bringing K to China; and expanding the foundation of the program.

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Blogger De-Fogger

Professor of Psychology Siu-Lan Tan

In an eye blink K professor Siu Lan Tan has progressed from not knowing what a blog was to becoming one of the medium’s most popular practitioners. She peels the curtain of the quotidian and reveals insights into psychology.

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The Road Less Traveled…

snowy path

… requires the wherewithal to take it. And that, according to author John Hitchcock ’78 is an outcome and value of the K-Plan. Example: an impromptu winter-ski-and-camping trek that took 20 students to the very edge of the Upper Peninsula.

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Memories, Mistakes and Memos

The staff of Judge Jeffery Hopkins at the United States Bankruptcy Court

An internship at the United States Bankruptcy Court in Cincinnati, Ohio, helped Andrea Johnson ’15 learn much about more than just legal research and writing. Good law, and a good life, requires mistakes and multiple drafts.

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Donna Odom, Leading a Movement of the Heart

Donna Odom

Along with Romeo Phillips, the first tenured African-American professor at Kalamazoo College, and several of his family members, Donna Odom established what was then called the Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society.

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Long Use

Classmates catch a fish

Lifetime value is great, but what about finding a good job shortly after graduation? Turns out the Kalamazoo College alumni network is pretty helpful with that. K’s intimate size makes it a much more effective networking community.

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College Will Miss Departing Provost

Kalamazoo College Provost Mickey McDonald

Mickey McDonald has filled the challenging role of provost for a decade. As he leaves to become president of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, those who have come to know him say he has handled daunting tasks with tact, skill and empathy.

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Gracious Stumbling

Our mystery writer at a book signing

For Barbara Heming ’66, gracious living is a multifaceted journey that has included religion, teaching, healthcare, ministry, as well as residency in several states and countries. Her newest adventure: Whodunits.

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K Grad Achieves Lofty Rocketry Goals

Rocketry Gold Medalist Emma Kristal

A recent Kalamazoo College alumna is returning to a prominent world stage and shooting for the stars in rocketry. Emma Kristal ’18 will compete for the fifth time with Team USA July 28-Aug. 4, 2018, in the World Space Modeling Championships.

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Fast Track

Sally Read

The time it took to reach her dream job seemed amazingly short to Sally (Warner) Read ’08. So short, in fact, she considered declining the offer at first, fearing she may not be ready. There are a lot of kids happy she changed her mind.

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