Stephaine (Parrish) Taylor ’74

Stephaine died on November 21, 2015. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh. At K she majored in philosophy and studied abroad in Nairobi, Kenya. After graduation she settled in Portland, Oregon, where she became a distinguished state and national leader in vocational rehabilitation. Her work created opportunities for people with disabilities, including psychiatric disabilities, to live and work independently. She also was an award-winning quilter. She designed, sewed by hand and exhibited many of her beautiful creations. She loved to travel and had visited India, Egypt and China among other countries. She also loved to cook and preserve her family’s history. When she died she was in the process of completing a family cookbook titled Food is Memory.

2 thoughts on “Stephaine (Parrish) Taylor ’74

  1. Romeo Phillips, - Professor Emeritus Kalamazoo College

    Yes, I remember her fondly. I remember her husband, a very fine artist and teacher. I remember her home area outside of Pittsburgh. When she and her husband were in Kentucky – – I visited with them. I am very sad to be made aware of this young, vibrant woman being taken away from us.

    “May the soul of the departed rest in peace, and may God’s perpetual light shine upon her.”

  2. Matthew J. Anderson

    Stephanie was truly a memorable part of the K-College experience for all of us. May her spirit continue to cause others to soar – as did her work with others. May she rest in peace. Matthew J. Anderson


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