Mary (Mertz) Covert ’55

Mary  died on April 2, 2017. She graduated from K with a B.A. in art. She also played tennis and participated in College Singers, the French Club and the Bach Festival Chorus. She continued her education at Colgate Rochester Divinity School, where she graduated (1958) with a Master of Divinity degree.  She married Richard Covert on August 6, 1961, and they have three children. She is survived by her husband and children and six grandchildren. Over the years, Mary enjoyed a career in making and teaching art, focusing particularly in ceramics, textile design and quilting. She was particularly known for her exploration of different art techniques and the sharing of her experiences and knowledge with other artists. Her work has been exhibited and sold at various art shows. She also was active in churches throughout her adult life, including singing in the choirs and being on committees.