The Alumni Association Executive Board represents the some 20,000 K alumni living throughout the world. The AAEB helps the College connect alums with each other and with their alma mater.

Letter from the AAEB President

Dear Alumni:

Some 20,000 Kalamazoo College alumni live throughout the world, and K is reigniting its commitment to connecting them with their alma mater and with each other. Whether it’s at a Hornet Happy Hour to network with fellow alums or a SWARM event to recruit future Hornets, the members of the Alumni Association Executive Board (AAEB) are proud to serve alongside K staff and class agents to connect alumni with these opportunities and to learn how the college can better meet alumni needs and interests. We are seeking your ideas and involvement!

AAEB President Alexandra Altman, K Board of Trustees Chair Charlotte Hall and Kalamazoo College President Eileen B. Wilson Oyelaran

AAEB President Alexandra Altman (right) pictured with Board Chair Charlotte Hall ’66 (left) and Kalamazoo College President Eileen B. Wilson Oyelaran

At K we did more in four years so we could do more in a lifetime. That phrase captures our adventures during our undergraduate years and beyond. We tend to reconnect with our friends and classmates no matter where we go after graduation because the bonds we formed at K endure. We read about the experiences of our fellow grads in the LuxEsto magazine and BeLight e-zine, and we contribute to the College financially and through our participation at reunions and regional events.

I encourage you to reflect on the importance of the experiences we shared and the education we received at Kalamazoo College, and I challenge you to find new ways to reach out and engage with the College that likely changed your life. There are Hornets around the world with whom you can connect; there are current students studying or working in your field; there are alumni moving to your city or country of residence. Please be open to helping them reach their potential. It’s quite possible that you’ll benefit just as much or more from making this new contact.

“Check out the ‘Alumni Bites’.”

In addition to the resources available on the College’s website that inform you of social events in your area and special occasions on campus, the AAEB has developed what we’re calling “Alumni Bites” to illustrate the many ways alumni can easily connect with each other and with K in five broad categories: student recruitment, career development, Guilds mentorship, social events volunteerism, and charitable contributions. Check out the Alumni Bites on the AAEB page for more details. Also, please reach out to any member of AAEB. We welcome the chance to hear your ideas and have you join us!

I invite you to read the AAEB article that appears in the fall issue of LuxEsto magazine. It highlights the results of the alumni survey conducted last year and includes more information on how the AAEB and K staff members are working to improve ways alumni can engage with each other and with the College. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Homecoming and the Alumni Association Awards ceremony on October 17!

Alexandra Altman ’97

President, AAEB

More BeLight

The 2013 Summer Common Reading author Vaddey Ratner greets a Stetson Chapel audience with the namaskara, a Buddhist hand gesture that evokes utmost respect and adoration for the divine in everyone.

Uncommon Reading

Tweet Share There’s nothing common about Kalamazoo College’s Summer Common Reading program – so unique and marvelous that some people call it subversive. The 2014 selection was WE NEED NEW NAMES by NoViolet Bulawayo.

Professor of Psychology Siu-Lan Tan

Blogger De-Fogger

Tweet Share In an eye blink K professor Siu Lan Tan has progressed from not knowing what a blog was to becoming one of the medium’s most popular practitioners. She peels the curtain of the quotidian and reveals insights into psychology.

In the 1980s, Gary (second from left) and his teacher Kim (left) perform farmer’s music with the latter’s band.

Korean Soundscapes

Tweet Share Nora Hauk ’04 has lived in Korea for several years. She discovered and shares the story of fellow K alum Gary Rector ’65, who has lived there more than 40 years. The way Korea became his home has much to do with music.

Fierce woman statue outside Tehuantepec

Matriarchy, Mezcal, and Mole

Tweet Share Alumni and spouses Carolyn Berg ’72 and David Hammond ’73 visited the Oaxaca, Mexico, region to see its archaeological preservations and to eat its delectable and nuanced cuisine. Carolyn’s career service made it a homecoming of sorts.

Dana Page Id

Sneak Peek

Tweet Share Some 50 students enjoyed the opportunity of Summer 2014 externships, a kind of crystal ball or sneak peek into life-after-Kalamazoo-College possibilities. And the guide for these forward-looking tours are often K alums.

Art from the webcomic she is using as a bridge to her first novel’s sequel

Complicated Demons

Tweet Share Carly Orosz Robbins ’07 has published her first novel and created a new “webcomic” as a bridge between it and its sequel. The novel taps wellsprings from Kalamazoo College: literature, creative writing, and sociology and anthropology.

Senior Katie Moffit answers discusses her research with “SIP Czar” Ahmed Hussen.

“Next” Questions

Tweet Share Asking the hard question, no matter how obvious, followed by full engagement with the “next” question is a hallmark of a K education, explained alumnus Will Robbie ’04 during the inaugural economics and business department SIP symposium.

handmade anti-drone sign

Drones Protest

Tweet Share K alumni members of Peace House participated in a march from Chicago to Battle Creek (Mich.) protesting the use of drone technology in warfare. The Battle Creek wing commander shares the military’s point of view.

Mary Mathyer played “Granny” in the play Into the Woods

Golden Ending

Tweet Share Festival Playhouse of Kalamazoo College celebrated its first 50 years in the 2013-14 season. BeLight completes its year-long tribute to the golden anniversary with short features on two theatre majors who graduated in June.

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