Gerald Poggi, assistant professor of classics

Gerald Poggi (left) in Cairo, Egypt

Gerald Poggi (left) in Cairo, Egypt

Jerry died unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack on September 28, 2016, in Cairo, Egypt. He taught in the classics department at Kalamazoo College from 1966 to 1970.

Jerry was born in New York City and attended Regis High School in Manhattan. He graduated from Iona College (New Rochelle, New York) and accepted a fellowship in Latin and Greek from the University of Chicago in 1965 where he earned a master’s degree.

After his four years teaching at K he returned to the University of Chicago to work in administration. He and his partner, Bill (who died in 1992), left Chicago and went to the West Coast where Jerry entered the corporate world as an executive with Hughes Aircraft. Jerry also earned a Ph.D in comparative literature from the University of Southern California.

Jerry and Bill moved to Milwaukee where Jerry worked with Miller Brewing. His last position was with the State of Maryland  as a personnel director. He retired at the age of 62 and moved to Cairo, visiting the United States for several months each year. Jerry is survived by his partner, Ashraf, and his brother, Gregory, who is a professor at the University of Michigan.

4 thoughts on “Gerald Poggi, assistant professor of classics

  1. John Kelly

    I was a classmate of Jerry at Regis and also had the pleasure of spending 8 years with him in the same classroom in grammar school- St Frances of Rome in the Bronx. He was always a kind, considerate gentleman who was concerned with the welfare of others. He came from a quality family who lived 3 blocks from me and we would usually walk to school together. He left the world a better place

  2. William J. O'Connor

    I had looked forward to Jerry’s annual visits to New York. We grew fairly close in high school, and maintained intermittent contact over the years. I had emailed him and Ashraf last Christmas and again both in March and during the current month. (Jerry usually came around the time he had to get his taxes done.) I grew increasingly concerned when I heard nothing back–now I know why. Jerry was a wonderful, wonderful man–bright, witty, and very warm and generous. He was unfailingly fun to be with. He certainly brightened my mood whenever I had a chance to spend time with him. He was kind to many people. I considered him a good friend and feel very sad at a genuine loss.
    I guess part of growing older is that we have more and more goodbyes to say in life. Jerry was a spiritual and religious man, though, and one of the great hopes we have as Christians is that death is not really the end…
    Bill O’Connor, Class of ’61

  3. Robert McKenna

    Sorry to learn of Gerry’s death. We grew up next door to each other in the Bronx. Very nice guy, never in trouble, and extremely bright.


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