Students’ experiences in two important K centers (the Center for Civic Engagement and the Center for Social Justice Leadership) helped shape and strengthen their writing workshop for Michigan prisoners.

More BeLight

Ethnic Studies class

New Major Added

Kalamazoo College students laud (twice!) the approval of the Critical Ethnic Studies in November of 2014. Calls for the change go back four decades; the response puts K at the forefront of the discipline.

medium bites flier

Take a Bite!

The Alumni Association Executive Board has prepared a menu of engagement opportunities for K graduates. Small, medium, and large volunteer “bites” are ready for tasting, and all are important.

bees on his hand

Bee Man, Bee Artists

One of the most original ArtPrize entries in 2014 was the collaboration of K alum Ladislav Hanka’s (class of 1975) with his bees. Their combination of etching and honeycomb made the competition’s short list for awards.


Bronx to ’Zoo

The long ago Bronx-to-’Zoo journey of Herb Lipschultz ’56 was by train, literally, and by football, figuratively. At age 80, the former New Yorker remains in the Midwest and on the gridiron.

weighing baby

Grace Work

International Child Care offers Kalamazoo College students internship opportunities at Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, or in the organization’s national headquarters in Kalamazoo.

bright family

Combined Loves

The K force is strong in these classmates’ love of research, civic engagement, and each other. The roots of their recent publication reach back to their service-learning work (through K’s Center for Civic Engagement).

One thought on “Finding Community; Providing Voice

  1. Matthew J. Silver

    I was in the class of 1966, a Soc/Anthropology major in the days of professors Raymond Hightower and Richard Means. I interviewed recent arrestees in the Kalamazoo lock-up to determine if they qualified to be released on their own recognizance. I believe it was the first such program in the state (?), city (?), nation (?)–not sure which—but it was definitely an inaugural program, another first for Kalamazoo College, and I was honored to be involved in the project.


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