Don Schneider ’63

DonSchneiderDon and his wife, Jean, took a trip to Europe this past fall. They spent a good portion of their adventure on foot or a bike seat. “We flew to Rome where we walked the city for two days,” wrote Don. “I call those ‘forced marches’ because Jean is the one who loves to walk. We saw the Vatican, the Colosseum (about 2000 years old, huge, and made of concrete) and the catacombs (graves in deep underground tunnels, miles of them). Next we bicycled Elba and Corsica, also Nice, France, and Monaco. Napoleon and Columbus were raised on Corsica–which is a beautiful place, especially for bicycling, with great views, tons of hills and climbing, and light car traffic. We had ideal weather–dry, temps in 60-70s.” Jean and Don are pictured climbing out of what was supposed to be a bypass of a village in Corsica called Cargese. “The climb out was worse than the village, where we nearly got lost,” explained Don. “The Garmins do not work well in complex webs of narrow streets and alleys.”