Danny Flores ’80

Continuing research and professional communications for the Philippine Islands in his home province of Negros Oriental, Danny Flores is in contact with people in the university and vloggers with social media regarding his work promoting new technologies. Cararanching, using water buffalo that are fed crops and byproducts (particularly from sugarcane) is growing in Negros Island. He is investigating future possibilities using aquatic seagrass — and current opportunities with water hyacinth — to be grown in ‘green’ fish pond culture to provide hay or silage, along with paddy straw and other grass and legume forage and supplements. He has also suggested yeast supplements of single cell protein boosted for functional amino acids, including histidine, most limiting for digestion on silage with dairy cattle. Danny hopes inputs such as these will provide impetus for more feeds research and technology in Negros Island.

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