AsiaLiza Morales ’15

AsiaLiza is a co-author of the scientific paper, “Effects of Road Dust on the Pollination and Reproduction of Wildflowers,” which appeared in the February 1, 2017, issue of International Journal of Plant Sciences. She and her research team studied whether roadside traffic dust affects the amounts of pollen received and seeds produced in wildflowers. Preliminary results suggest that dust exposure does reduce pollen received by plants closest to unpaved roads but that seeds per flower vary inconsistently as a function of road proximity. More study is necessary. AsiaLiza’s Senior Individualized Project work at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory was part of the data that went into this paper. At K, AsiaLiza majored in biology and studied abroad in Caceres, Spain. She currently works with Deb (Tokarski) Yourick ’80 in a mentoring program in Washington, D.C.

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